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AI & Digital Marketing.

How will AI impact digital marketing now and in the near future.


It goes without saying that artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm. And no matter what your thoughts are, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Often people think of AI and immediately think of the most popular examples on the market, such as the Amazon Alexa. Once an innovative and unique release, it’s now evolved into an everyday household item, and it’s far from the only form of AI on the market. 


Just how advanced is AI expected to be?


Artificial intelligence is expanding amongst a range of industries and digital marketing is no exception. The outstanding ability of AI raises the question: is the field advanced enough to take over these industries? Should those of us with jobs in fields such as marketing be concerned that the field of AI is going to take over our careers someday? 


Should digital marketers fear losing their jobs to AI?


Every opinion on this issue will vary, but marketers shouldn’t be too worried about losing their jobs to artificial intelligence, and here’s some reasons why. AI is incredibly helpful, but compared to human marketers, its creativity and emotional range is significantly lacking. It is unlikely that machine-based learning will ever be able to match the emotional range of a human being, leaving no comparison to the standard of work between a skilled marketer and an artificial robot. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t an effective addition to the digital world that can improve your business. Instead of worrying about how digital marketing may take over the world, consider how it can be used successfully to transform the future of digital marketing.


How can AI work in collaboration with human touch?


Artificial intelligence works best in marketing when combined with a skilled human touch. Think of this new field as a new opportunity for you and your business. For example, AI can help your business grow with features that would be impossible to maintain alone, such as 24/7 automated chatbots. Another common example is websites such as Grammarly, Canva, and HubSpot, which are three incredibly useful sites often used by content marketers to make their endless list of jobs a little shorter- many people may not even realise that these tools use AI!


So don’t fear AI, and simply take it as an opportunity for you and your business to take new opportunities, learn new things and connect with a wider audience.






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