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What is User Generated Content (UGC)?

User generated content is content created by genuine users of your products or services. UCG is seen as most trustworthy and credible that the content shared by brands in their own adverts.

Younger generations in particular mistrust advertising- after all, of course brands are going to tell us what we want to hear! So, many people look for social proof from real life users before deciding whether or not to buy.

UCG could be a straightforward testimonial or Google Review, an unboxing reel, a user guide TikTok, a hashtag or mention in a post, a pin on pinterest. Anything kind of content where users mention your brand and or products is UGC- and hopefully it is all positive!

Does influencer marketing count as User Generated Content?

I would say no, influencer content isn't truly UGC because they are being paid to share their opinions.

How do I get some UCG for my products?

The best way to get real product users talking about your products online is to give them the idea and make it easy for them. Here are some tips:

1) Set up an automated email to arrive a few days after their product has arrived asking them to leave a review. You can then hand pick the best ones to turn into a social media post.

2) Add a selfie card to the package and encourage people to take a picture with it and upload to social media. e.g. Special Delivery from Brand X.

3) Offer a prize for the best video of someone wearing/using your products on TikTok or Instagram. Just ask them to tag your channel and give them a hastag.

4) If you provide a service such as beauty, hair, styling, set up a nice backdrop with a selfie ring light and encourage your clients to take and share a photo after their treatments.

5) Create a memorable hashtag and include it in all communications so your customers automatically think to include it when they talk about your brand online.

Who does it well?

Check out local company True North Life stories on Insta for great UGC. They do a monthly draw for their favourite UGC photo, a great incentive to get people sharing snaps of your products in use.


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