Johanne Jefferson stading in front of ivy growing up a tree.  He head and shoulders are in the picture and she is smiling.  She is wearing a light pink shirt and her hair is long.


Digital Marketing Consultant and Founder of Ivyhill Digital

I'm a geek and always have been.  I love data, lists, order, methods.  But I also love creativity, imagination and seeing beauty in ordinary things.  So when I discovered digital marketing, I knew I'd found my thing. 


I combine creativity with data to help businesses connect with their customers where they are.  That  might involve improving what's already there or starting from scratch, either way, it works.

My marketing career started back in 2006 when I worked for the world's largest floating bookstore onboard MV Logos 2, creating marketing strategies to sell books.  Since then I've worked in Tourism, IT and Medical device industries. Last year I became a mentor with Netminds, helping start-ups with their digital marketing.

As a Chartered Marketer I make sure I keep up to date with the latest industry news and trends in this fast-moving discipline.

That's enough about me. I want to help your business to grow and succeed online.  It's not as scary or expensive as you might think!