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Are you ready for Google and Yahoo's New Anti-Spam Rules?

From February 2024, Google and Yahoo will be applying new rules for all bulk email senders (there are more rules for those sending 5000+emails per day. Here's what you need to do to get ready for the changes, otherwise you will see your deliverability rates plummet.

Top tips to help your email marketing stay away from being spammy

Use a domain based email address

rather than @gmail or @hotmail etc. This not only gives you more credibility as a business, but it is a strong signal to Google that you are a genuine sender and not a spammer.

Typical ways to get a domain based email are through your domain provider, your website platform or through Office365 or Google Workspace.

Set up DKIM- verify your domain

This is a bit more technical and you might need help from your web host to do this. You can find out what it is in this Google article. To find out how to set it up, just search for "set up DKIM for" and include the name of your email provider.

Easy unsubscribe

Google will require email marketing to have simple unsubscribe options. No more hiding it in tiny little print that is barely clickable and requires you to jump through hoops to leave.

Only send emails that have value

Make sure your emails are relevant and interesting to stay off the spam lists. Gmail will be enforcing a spam rate threshold and if your emails go below that, then they won't be shown in your inbox.

How do you do that? Know your audience, know what they want, don't just send an email for the sake of it- make sure it is has value.

Cleanse your lists

Regularly cleanse your email marketing lists to remove people who don't open them over a period of time. Not only will this decrease your costs, but it will improve your open rates.

Need more help?

Your email marketing platform probably has a help article on this, so check that out. Or see the


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