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Why we think Wix is the best website builder for small businesses.

Wix has a historical reputation for being 'no good for SEO.' That is old news and no longer the case. So why do we recommend Wix as the best website solution for small businesses without an ecommerce function? Read on to find out.

1) No security upgrades to worry about

Wordpress has long been the go-to for websites, but if you plan to manage your website yourself and have limited tech know-how, then it is probably not the site for you.

With Wordpress, you need to keep on top of version updates, plugin updates, theme updates, security patches. In theory it sounds simple, just press the update button. Wrong. Updates can mean plugins no longer work, themes break and you end up with a complete nightmare. Do you know how to carry out testing in a stage site, could you revert to an old version if it all goes wrong, are you able to backup your site periodically? And if your site gets hacked due to a vulnerable or out of date plugin, what are you going to do?

Sound like a nightmare? That's why we think Wix is a good solution. Your monthly fee (starting from just £8/month depending on requirements) takes care of hosting and the security side of things so you never need to worry about hacking, updates, testing. A hassle free solution.

2) Free rein or guided solutions

With Wix you can design your site from scratch, use the Velo tool to code it yourself, choose from hundreds of available templates that can be customised to match your branding, or use the ADI tool to create an AI guided design.

That's the beauty of Wix- it has solutions whatever your ability level, and for those of us less gifted in the visual creativity department, there are guided steps and automated tools.

3) Easy to optimise for mobile

You can check how the page will look on mobile, change the layout, hide sections that only apply on desktop. All just from a toggle switch on the editing page.

4) Built in integrations

Easily connect with all your favourite tools- Analytics, Social Media pixels, email marketing, ad accounts.

5) Guided SEO steps to help your website get seen

A step by step guide to make sure your website can be seen. covering meta information, urls, robots.txt, sitemaps, linking with Google Search Console. social share information,

6) Option to buy email addresses for your domain through Google Workspace

Get domain based email addresses for your business to look more professional e.g.,

7) Easy to edit

With the drag and drop editor and click to edit text, making changes to your website is easy. This avoid expensive update fees with a web developer for those simple changes.

8) Ecommerce, appointment booking, course schedules, and more

With addons (some may incur an additional charge or require an upgrade to your monthly package) you can manage appointment bookings, sell courses/classes, or have a full ecommerce set up on the site. If you have a lot of products we would probably suggest Shopify, but for limited products or services then Wix is a good option.

Have we made you think about a Wix site?

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and thoughts and we can help you decide on the best kind of website for your business. 9 times out of 10 the answer will be Wix, but each business has unique requirements and so there isn't a one size fits all for websites.

As well as being a Wix Partner, we are also a Shopify Partner and work with local web developers to build Wordpress sites.


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