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Top Tips for Digital Housekeeping

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It may be summer (though the weather might not realise it!), but it’s the perfect time for a bit of spring cleaning. Here at Ivyhill Digital, we provide high quality digital marketing services to businesses and we are passionate about helping others with digital marketing. With that in mind, here are my top 5 tips for digital housekeeping. Let’s spring clean your business!

Review your website.

Reviewing your website is essential in taking your online presence to the next level! Keep things fresh by assessing your website and social media pages. This will elevate your business in a whole new way.

At Ivyhill Digital, we offer website audits that go at your website through a critical lens, analysing and creating an improvement plan with our thoughts that will help you develop your online presence.

Reviewing your website could mean ensuring that your contact details are up to date or updating your business’ location if you have moved site. Are there products on your website that you haven’t sold for years? Any broken links? These are all important things to think about when housekeeping your digital presence.

Data and access.

Who has access to your business and accounts? Is your account safe from hacking?


It’s important to review this to minimise the risk of unauthorised use and hacking. It’s good to keep access to a limited amount of people, but always have more than one person with access to your accounts. That way, if you have any account issues, there will always be someone else who can get in! Update your password regularly and make sure it is secured in a safe place for you to remember it.

Be more creative on social media!

Improving your social media output is essential in the digital world we live in. We recommend using apps and tools to enhance your business’ socials. This is also another important way to digitally housekeep.


Why not download Canva and take the visuals of your business up a notch?


Canva is a mobile and desktop graphic design application that can be used to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos and more. It is free to use, but also has a premium paid option where you have access to more resources for creating impressive digital content. Canva is incredibly easy to use and has thousands of templates ready for your business to make its own.

Collect customer feedback.

Using customer feedback to improve your business allows you to understand your customers’ needs and preferences. Keep your business fresh and updated by listening to customers and working to meet their expectations effectively.

Add the feedback to your website as testimonials, and switch these up regularly to keep it fresh. You can also share feedback on your social channels to build credibility.

Clean out your mailing list.

If you are sending email marketing campaigns or newsletters, it’s a good idea to regularly review your mailing list. Removing addresses that have bounced is the easiest place to start.

Then, take a look at the analytics to save some vital £££. Your bill is usually calculated on the number of contacts you have and the number of emails you send. If you have a lot of people on your mailing list that haven't opening a single email in six months, maybe it is time to remove them. You can set up an automation to tell them that you will be removing them unless you hear from them, or just go ahead and remove.

By keeping your list clean, you will be spending less and improving your open rate which helps avoid ending up in spam folders. A bit mailing list is only good if they are the right kind customers for your business and are interested in what you are doing.


There you have it! 5 tips for digital housekeeping. For more digital marketing tips and tricks, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram.


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