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5 tips to get more website traffic

Everyone said you needed a website, so you made one. So how do you get people to visit the website? Here are my five tips to get more website traffic.

1) Share it on social

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is through social media. Have a special offer? Share it on social with a link to your website.

Ask your friends and family to share a link to the site in a post. All my posts are guaranteed to get one like- my mum. A like is a like and it all helps increase your brand reach.

2) Make it findable

What do you want to be known for? What do you want your website to appear in search results for? Make a list of those keywords and then take a look at your website to see if you mention them. If they are not there, or not in the right places then we have some work to do. You will need to work those keywords into the content in a natural way, maybe change some headings and you might even need to move things around. There are lots of free keyword tools around to help you see what people are searching for. I like Soovle and Keyword Surfer for quick simple guides.

3) Say it like it is

We all love a catchy headline, something a bit ambiguous that gets your attention and makes you want to find out more. That's not true with Meta Titles. These are the titles that appear in search results and how search engines decide what results to show. Instead of calling the page

Beautiful and Delicious | Bettys


Cakes and Delicious Treats | Made to Order | Bettys

Save 'Beautiful and Delicious' for content on your page, a blog article or social media advert. When it comes to Meta Titles, say it like it is.

4) Paid advertising

You can get pretty far for free, but sometimes you need to pay to get more website visitors, especially if you are in a competitive market. Search engine advertising can be expensive and a bit tricky to get stared so definitely do your research. Here's a really good overview from Neil Patel, a Marketing Guru.

5) Blogs and Articles

Adding blogs and articles to your website are good ways to incorporate keywords into your site. Search engines especially like lists, like '5 ways to get more website traffic' (see what I did there?!) They also keep your content fresh and let visitors know that you keep your site up to date.

If you would like help with any of these areas, get in touch. I offer a free 30 minute consultation with no obligation to help you figure out what you need and see if we can help.


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